Giant Spider

I only received one report of this creature, but any Gippsland cryptozoological effort should not ignore it, just in case others have come by such a creature also. I no longer have my original notes on this sighting but to the best of my memory it occurred around 1995 in the Mullungdung Forest area south of Sale. It is amazing how this once heavily logged area features so often in reports of strange animals.

My informant tells me he was walking along one of the many forest tracks which criss-cross the forest when he became aware of movement in front of him. He described a slow moving, well-camouflaged spider with a body as big as his fist and with thick tarantula-like legs. As it neared the edge of the road where there was heavy leaf-litter, he called to a companion to come and look at the creature. When he looked back it had disappeared into the leaf litter and despite scraping at the leaves with a stick he could not locate it.

Your guess is as good as mine. An undiscovered giant arachnid the size of a bread and butter plate? I regard the informant as highly reliable, having had many dealings with him on other matters, but can't help wondering what it was he might have seen. A little bit of research into this one suggests it may have been an Australian tarantula of which six species have so far been identified. They are said to have a body about 6cm wide and including the legs are about 16cm wide. Perhaps, this particular spider was a larger version of one of these tarantulas or the informant may have over-exaggerated its dimensions by about 50%.

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