Glowing Orbs

Another UFO sighting which was interesting came from the early 1980s and involved a couple from the eastern part of Sale. They told the story of how they liked to sit outside late on summer evenings and had recently started seeing  flying lights in the sky. Sale has a RAAF Base to the east and the couple were used to night flying by aircraft. The lights they claimed to see were in the east but appeared to be closer than the RAAF Base. They described them as nothing like light aeroplane navigation lights but more like glowing orbs which frequently changed directions. Neighbors had also seen the lights and the man produced a large photograph of blurry orange dots which could have been the reflection of sodium vapour street lights on dust on the lens for all we knew.

We ran the story without a photo and then I was contacted by then 3GG news journalist Ron Lock from Warragul who said people had been seeing similar lights in the West Gippsland area. Lock told me that one couple claimed to have come across one of these glowing orbs floating just above the Princes Highway and it had passed through their vehicle without any damage being caused. Your guess is as good as mine on this one.  

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