Odds and Sods

Having spent a large part of my working life at the Sale newspaper, The Gippsland Times as a journalist and editor, a lot of strange reports passed my desk. In some cases you have to go with your gut feeling because people appear to be so genuine. Common sense, if such a commodity still exists, tells you that something does not add up, yet at the same time you realise that the person giving you the information really believes it. Sometimes we published the stories and other times we chose otherwise.

It was therefore always of great interest when your workplace becomes the story. The old 1850s building occupied by The Times appears to have its resident ghost or ghosts. Although I never personally saw a ghost, many workmates either saw something or experienced what you could call paranormal activity. I can tell you that they firmly believed in the existence of ghosts and that was enough for the rest of us to be uneasy whenever working back alone, especially when the old building creaked and groaned.

Most of the ghostly activity seemed to take place whenever there were renovations at the building but some of the old timers who had worked there almost 50 years spoke of strange feelings they got in certain places in the crowded factory. One even moved a bench so that it  was over a spot where he claimed he could feel "the chills" and a shiver up his spine. The bench stopped him and everyone else walking on that spot and there were no more complaints of "the chills." A paranormal research group turned up one evening and tried to contact the spirits and we conducted some research into the building which was formerly a bank and as far as we could ascertain, was never the location of a tragedy or murder normally associated with ghosts lingering on.

We also received a couple of impressive UFO sightings which took place in the Sale district in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Kilmany one still gets mentioned occasionally in books about UFOs.